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Ancient Plant. Modern Medicine. Future Technology. 

William Bond Ai is named after Canada's first hemp expert who lived 200 years ago. 

For more information on the original William Bond click here.

William Bond AI is not intended to replace a human doctor. He is designed to help inform your medical treatment to improve outcomes. At his core, William Bond AI is a computer program written in artificial intelligence markup language (AIML.)  AIML serves as the platform from which he is able to access a variety of sophisticated machine learning and data clustering technologies.  Drawing from a database of over 400,000 studies and patents from around the world, he is able to perform various meta-analyses on a huge variety of topics related to medical cannabis treatments. His web crawlers continually refresh his database keeping him at the cutting edge of medical cannabis technologies.  

William Bond AI can compile a customized report for you and your doctor. In it he presents any credible scientific evidence relevant to your condition. He outlines a recommended course of treatment.  His approach starts with the understanding that cannabis affects patients differently.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. He acts as a guide, recommending a selection of different CBD to THC ratios in steadily increasing doses to ideal therapeutic levels.   By methodically sampling a wide variety of options and incorporating your feedback, he learns what best meets your needs.

William Bond AI also knows the price of every cannabis product being legally offered for sale in Canada.   He can help you find the best deal and save you a lot of money.  Artificial intelligence is particularly well suited for performing the calculations necessary to make smart medical cannabis purchasing decisions. All the cannabis legally offered for sale in Canada is tested for THC and CBD.  If you simply compared the price of 1 gram of cannabis from each LP you would be comparing apples to oranges.  For example, a gram with 22% THC sold for $10 is a better value than a gram with 10% THC sold for $5.  Calculating the cost per mg of THC addresses this problem but is an oversimplification because it fails to consider CBD content.  CBD comes in a variety of ratios and this greatly complicates the task of objectively comparing prices. William Bond AI handles all these calculations. 

In the example below, William Bond AI calculates the cost of purchasing 500mg of CBD and 500mg of THC.  He does this by first finding the least expensive CBD varietal with a greater then 1-1 CBD to THC ratio.  He then calculates how much of this would be needed to equal 500mg of CBD.  He then finds the least expensive THC varietal and calculates how much of this, combined with the THC present in the CBD varietal, would be needed to bring the total amount of THC to 500mg.  The cost of 1000mg of 1-1 ratio CBD to THC can then be objectively compared. William Bond AI uses his web crawlers to continually check the prices of all the cannabis listed for legal sale in Canada. At this time, Health Canada lists 37 licensed producers (LP). Some of these are only recently approved and are not yet selling products.  Some are duplicates for other LP’s on the list. Ten are licensed to grow cannabis but not sell it.  A total of 15 LPs currently offer CBD and THC cannabis for sale and can therefore be included in this example.
 Licensed Producer Coast  
 Abcann Medicinals Inc.  $31.34
 Canna Farms Ltd.  $35.94
 CanniMed Ltd.  $38.62
 Bedrocan Canada Inc.  $39.82
 Aura Cannabis Enter.  $43.75
 Emblem Cannabis Corp.  $46.48
 Tweed Inc.  $48.37
 Aphria  $51.48  
 MariCan Inc.   $52.96
 Peace Naturals Project  $53.76
 CannTrust Inc.  $56.81
 Whistler Medical Marij.  $60.26
 MedReleaf Corp.  $68.18
 Emerald Health Botanicals  $70.73
 Hydropothecary   $87.90

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