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Beta Test 

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help us improve William Bond AI during his beta testing phase.  As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to ask Williamanything you like related to medical cannabis treatments. We want you to use your natural wording and phrasing so that he can learn to better respond to real world questions. Most people are familiar with talking digital assistants like Siri and Alexa.  In many ways, we want you to talk to William Bond AI as you would them.   The key difference is that he is your personal medical cannabis expert, so your questions can be more open ended and his responses may be much more in-depth.  It’s best to keep the questions as short as possible. Because of the delayed response during beta testing, we invite you to submit many questions at once, or even phrase the same questions in multiple ways.

During the beta testing phase our programmers and medical cannabis experts will review all of his responses prior to sharing them with volunteers.  Requests for database meta analyses will also be independently corroborated by humans during the beta testing phase.  As a result, communicating with William Bond AI can be somewhat slow for the time being. It may take several days to get a response to your questions.  Please keep in mind that once he has completed beta testing his responses will be instantaneous.

Need some ideas what to say to him?

  • ·         Try telling him your medical condition and asking if he knows of any relevant research.
  • ·         Ask him about specific cannabinoids or terpenes you might be interested in.
  • ·         Ask him for help finding the best price per milligram for CBD or THC.
  • ·         Ask him about different methods of administering cannabis.
  • ·         Ask him questions about appropriate dosages
  • ·         Ask him questions about concentrates.

Are you confused about some aspect of medical cannabis treatments? This can make knowing what to ask more difficult.  Please try thinking of a few ways of phrasing what is confusing you. There really are no dumb questions here! We are trying to prepare him for any question he might encounter. 


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